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KINA WICKS | Lead Photographer, Owner

Kina combines a love for visual storytelling with a passion for beauty and authenticity in her art- whether shooting weddings, working with commercial clients or collaborating on editorial projects. Shooting a mixture of medium format and 35mm film along with more modern digital cameras gives a continuous fresh perspective to her work and ties Kina to the classic photos from the public lexicon and her own childhood that continue to inspire her to pick up a camera and document today.

Starting her photography career in 2010, Kina quickly made a name for herself as one of the most trusted wedding photographers in Chicago with her attention to detail, commitment to an approach mixing documentary and editorial styles, and calmness under pressure.  She has more recently been meapplying these skills in an increasing amount of lifestyle and commercial projects and enjoys telling the stories of the brands she works for with the same dedication to excellence.  Though widely published, Kina’s proudest accomplishment has always been delivering beautiful work to satisfied clients.




EVAN HUNT | Manager evan

Beginning in 2003, Evan has worked extensively in the photography industry, specializing in both music and editorial, as well as luxury weddings and portraits. Starting as a runner, moving onto lighting and production, and eventually shooting and running his own photography business, Evan has traveled the world creating work for clients such as Universal Records, Interscope Records, Alternative Press Magazine, Geffen, Glamour Kills, and several other international companies and artists. His photos have spanned the cover of music magazines and album covers before he made the decision to create more personal work for clients he could interact with on a day to day.

After operating a successful wedding photography business for eleven years, he moved onto a different field entirely and is currently a pilot for American Airlines. Having loved the logistics and creative planning of running a business, Evan has teamed up with Kina to manage the operational aspects of her company, allowing Kina the time and freedom to focus on creating portraits.





dialloDIALLO WILSON | Assistant, Associate Shooter

Diallo discovered his love of photography at the age of three. He would ask his family members if he could take photos every time an opportunity appeared.  The first camera he ever owned was a Kodak disposable camera. Taking up close, goofy, random, pictures from summer camp  and family vacations; earning the nickname his father gave him “Gordon Parks”.  He developed an interest in art and its history, painters and sculptures. He was drawn to the works of Andy Warhol, Vincent Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Wee Gee, Gordon Parks and most importantly Leonardo Da Vinci.  At the age of ten he started shooting in film with his mother’s Canon AE-1. Shooting with film gave him a creative look into photography, focusing on subject matter and moments. 

Immediately following his graduation from Virginia Wesleyan College, with a degree in International Politics, Diallo and his family took a vacation to Paris and Rome. Standing on the Top of the Colosseum he made a personal vow to pursue his love of photography as a career,  aspiring to be like his heroes someday.