Of Husbands and Guinea Pigs {Film Practice}

Let me explain a few things about my DH (dear husband) to you before I start.  In some ways we are completely similar… we both go a thousand miles and hour in whichever direction we are currently on, we are both very independent people, driven, and thinkers.  Then in some ways, we put the O in opposite!  I will never forget when I met my husband how oddly fascinated he was by my left brained ways (emphasis on oddly lol).  You see, he could never understand why I liked to put outfits together that did not technically match, why I shopped at hole-in-the-wall antique stores for furniture when I could just go to Ikea and why in the world I was so ambiguous about everything! haha  I in turn could NOT get his pension for AM talk radio, the fact that his gorgeous curly hair being combed to perfection was important, why everything was black and white, and why preppy was a good thing:)  Needless to say, it was a marriage made in heaven.  He fills in all the nooks and cranny’s of my heart and makes sure I don’t wander aimlessly off cliffs while looking at the birds in the sky.  I’d like to think I add a little spice to his right brained life.

Now the guinea pig part.   Well, as you can see below DH (who hates to have his photo taken) was sweet enough to play with me on a hazy evening last week when I wanted to try out some Fuji Pro 400H.  He loves me.  Enough to be my guinea pig….:)

And speaking of film… I adore the tangible softness in it.  These were taken on my Canon 1N and developed at Walgreens since they were just practice.  Still, the colors to me are just yummy.



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