Two Thousand and Twelve…

Tonight we usher in a New Year.  Whether you’re snuggling at home or celebrating out with style; I hope that your 2013 will come with joy and expectation for you and yours!

You might notice a bit of a new look around here.  Truth is, it’s not finished yet.  I’ve been in a the midst of a blog and website redesign, and the final work of art won’t really be ready until February or March.  I’m overjoyed to be working with a Chelsea Petaja from Oh My Deer on a new logo… but for now, the placeholder will have to do:)  It’s my first time actually working with a professional for my branding because I’ve always loved graphic design and DIY, and I think it’s going to be spectacular.

Wow.  2012.  My second year in business was in one word a whirlwind.  It has been a beautiful whirlwind that left me in awe at times, swept me up in its chaos at times, but always dropped me in a beautiful place.

Of course there are the high points of the year.  I will rattle them off gratefully, because frankly I am grateful for the encouragement along the way.  In the day to day of running a business there is obviously an element of tedium and the mountain tops are to be cherished.

I’m first of all grateful for the amazing brides and grooms that trusted me to capture their big day this year.  My greatest desire is to make their dreams come true… it’s something I live and breath and maybe never feel like I will completely live up to… simply because I want it so bad.  I have photographed 47 weddings in the past 2 years and it never gets old to me.  I never have gotten over the awe of what LOVE looks like.  I’m overwhelmed that I get to be a part of your love stories.  Thank you.

Second, I’m grateful for the blogs and magazines that have featured my work.  Thank you to Ruffled Blog, Style Me Pretty, Magnolia Rouge, Wedding Guide Chicago, Today’s Chicago Woman, Le Magnifique, How He Asked, Lemonade & Lenses Magazine, Hochzeit & Guide and others.  Not only is it unreal to see a little bit of me on your beautiful pages, but you have helped me attract clients and grow my brand through yours.  THANK YOU for loving beauty and sharing so much of it with us all.  I love gathering strength and inspiration from your pages and all the couples, artists, and vendors that you feature.

Third, I’m grateful for the industry friends I’ve made this year.  Thank you to the vendors I worked with at some absolutely lovely weddings.  I love creating art from your art.  Thank you for your help on extra projects.  Thank you for being pals.

Lastly, I’m grateful to YOU.  Whoever you are that reads my blog, comments on my social media sites, and shares in this journey with me.  You must know that your kind words and support mean the world to me.

Art is a part of me.  As much as I learned about the business this year (and it certainly WAS a learning and growing year) I learned about myself.  I learned that I take everything so personally.  Every part of making my art is deeply a part of me.  It makes my successes feel more rewarding and my failures hurt more intensely.  It creates in me that yearning for that picture… you know the one in your head that will express everything you’re feeling.  I learned that I still haven’t made THAT picture yet.  I’ve learned I may spend my life pursuing that picture… and that’s OKAY.  I’ve learned every day that LOVE is the most beautiful thing on earth.  I am so grateful to be able to capture the hopeful, exultant love of a new marriage, the weathered deep love in a parent’s eyes, the sweet loyal love of friendship.  These are the emotions I am allowed to witness through  my lens and on my screen every day as I edit through a wedding day, and they reinforce in my heart that LOVE is the mortar that holds me and the whole world together.

I have MANY dreams for 2013.  I’ll tell you about them soon.  For now though, I’d like to reflect on some more of a beautiful 2012…


 Happy New Year.  With Love, Kina



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