As an artist, it’s just fun to work with people that have a vision that lines up perfectly with the one inside my head. Katie is one of those brides.  When I met her and her fiance Jonathan at a local Starbucks for the first time every idea pouring out of her mouth in regards to her wedding had me nodding my head and jumping up and down in my heart!  These two are great.  Great attitudes, great connection, great personalities.  Really, how do I get so lucky?!


(hair & makeup by Lety of

Oh my goodness!  I was so excited when I got home after Stacey’s wedding and looked through her photos.  I wish I could take most of the credit for that, but I have to say, Stacey & Michael make my job easy.  I always say in my wedding consultations how important time is on the wedding day to achieve artistic photos, and I guess I should add that organization goes hand in hand with time.  Stacey did such an amazing job making every detail of the day important & well executed.  She was so calm about it all too!  If you’re wondering…of course I asked her to be my best friend!  A girl after my own heart. hahah.  Anyway, beyond the impeccable execution and the lovely setting of the ceremony and reception, Stacey & Michael’s genuine care for each other permeated throughout the day like a soft glow.  Put a smile on my face all day.  Thank you again Stacey & Michael for everything.

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I was able to meet Lisa & David during the winter for their engagement session.  Despite the cold snow, Lisa’s high heels and bare legs, and a stiff wind off the lake, Lisa & David smiled with a warmth that obviously came from inside of their hearts.  These two have a genuine friendship and true love.  Lisa has effortless style… and good taste (LOOK AT HER WEDDING SHOES!!!).  The wedding was a day full of emotion and soul.  The rain couldn’t even put a damper on their spirits!  Thank you Lisa & David for allowing me to be a part of these moments that you will remember for a lifetime.

There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again.  ~Elizabeth Lawrence

These three girlies warmed my heart.  Well, they WARM my heart still when I look at these photos.  One of my favorite things I noticed about the girls is that they had personality.  They had joy.  They had little mosquito bites on their legs and a few scrapes on their knees which are the marks of any happy childhood.  It really reminded me of the old days with my own sister.  Dear memories.

Because Crystal and Cole lived out of town, I showed up at the wedding in Indianapolis having never met either of them face to face.  Of course, Crystal was always easy to talk to over the phone and super nice, but I showed up with a blank slate.  The first thing I noticed is that on her wedding day, Crystal was busy helping everyone else… fixing hair, walking around making sure everything was ok.  She was calm and cool as a cucumber!  Needless to say, I was and am impressed by her composure and obvious care for everyone else’s needs.

So the story goes that Cole saw Crystal at a resort on vacation and promptly told her and her friend that he was going to marry her.  Stunned (and a little creeped out!! haha) she and her friends wrote him off as some sort of crazy guy… but the routine eventually turned from crazy to cozy because here they are… married at last!  Now it just tells like a true romance… love at first sight.  Perfect.

I love the navy blue accents coupled with cotton candy pink and plenty of bling at this wedding.  The ceremony & reception were held at the Mavris Art Center in Indianapolis, and on a side not, I would completely recommend this stunning venue.  The service was impeccable, the food delicious, and the atmosphere left nothing to be desired.

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