As a photographer, there are things I’ve  come to love…

I love return clients.  I love clients who completely trust me .  I love clients who get me to work together with them on locations, outfit choices, etc.  I love clients that become FRIENDS!

Sarah,  Steve & Sunny are all of the things described above.  They are amazing people and parents… and Sunny… just the cutest chubbiest sweetest baby ever!  I’ve enjoyed photographing their little family at  several different stages… from before kids to pregnancy to newborn baby and now a 6 month angel!

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    This baby is so adorable, I love all the facial expressions! So darn cute :D ReplyCancel

I just looked out of my window at the grey blustery rainy-ness and decided it was time for some Indian Summer again.  Thus this blog post from a recent Engagement Session on an October day that just defines INDIAN SUMMER.  When I shoot on a day like this was, I remind myself why I sometimes have to reschedule a session if the light is just not there… because the final product is SO worth it.  Light, light, light!!! I love the light.  Not only was it a perfect 76 degrees, sun shining golden and soft, but Andrea & Brendan added their own light with their connection & joyful personalities.  The first time I met them at a local Starbucks to talk about their wedding plans, I went home and told my husband that these would be clients had the vision I have.  We CLICKED.  They are both artistic.  They are also caring people and make a difference in society… Andrea as a teacher and Brendan as a social worker.  Yes, they are that well rounded.  I was also pumped that Brendan (a musician) brought along a couple of his favorite guitars.  I love props when they are meaningful to the couple involved.

Andrea & Brendan… I’m sure your wedding is going to rock, just like YOU!


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Abhi & Catherine drove in from Nebraska for their engagement session, so we decided to spread it out over 2 days and have some fun!  We spent the late evening in Chicago and as the sun went down, they were even game for getting in the water for some very Bollywood style moonlit photos.  It was something different, and different is really fun. BTW, I am completely in LOVE with Catherine’s teal blue Sari.  The colors and glamour of it… I really can’t wait to see her Sari for the wedding in November!!  The next morning we commenced shooting in the burbs at one of my favorite spots where the morning sunlight is UNREAL.  I loved working with these two.  I love how two people find each other in this big, wide world and fit so perfectly.

As an artist, it’s just fun to work with people that have a vision that lines up perfectly with the one inside my head. Katie is one of those brides.  When I met her and her fiance Jonathan at a local Starbucks for the first time every idea pouring out of her mouth in regards to her wedding had me nodding my head and jumping up and down in my heart!  These two are great.  Great attitudes, great connection, great personalities.  Really, how do I get so lucky?!


(hair & makeup by Lety of

Oh my goodness!  I was so excited when I got home after Stacey’s wedding and looked through her photos.  I wish I could take most of the credit for that, but I have to say, Stacey & Michael make my job easy.  I always say in my wedding consultations how important time is on the wedding day to achieve artistic photos, and I guess I should add that organization goes hand in hand with time.  Stacey did such an amazing job making every detail of the day important & well executed.  She was so calm about it all too!  If you’re wondering…of course I asked her to be my best friend!  A girl after my own heart. hahah.  Anyway, beyond the impeccable execution and the lovely setting of the ceremony and reception, Stacey & Michael’s genuine care for each other permeated throughout the day like a soft glow.  Put a smile on my face all day.  Thank you again Stacey & Michael for everything.

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