Ahhhh!  I love the city.  Ok, I AM a country girl at heart but to be honest, there’s something about the city that makes that makes this girl’s country heart beat faster…  Maybe it’s the architecture, the bustle, the subtle city style that the passerby’s possess and all the fodder for the imagination and people […]

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Autumn sunlight has a way of dancing with the fire colored leaves and weaving magic on everything that comes in it’s path.  If you add to this a family as sweet and adorable as the P. family… the outcome is pure enchantment.  Jessica is a photographer herself (onejulyphotography.com) and being able to create memories for […]

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  • Wow!! Gorgeous, gorgeous family and beautiful photos!!ReplyCancel

  • Lesley

    Gorgeous family, gorgeous light, gorgeous work! Love them.ReplyCancel

As a photographer, there are things I’ve  come to love… I love return clients.  I love clients who completely trust me .  I love clients who get me to work together with them on locations, outfit choices, etc.  I love clients that become FRIENDS! Sarah,  Steve & Sunny are all of the things described above. […]

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  • Leslie

    Pretty! Was this shot with your 135? I was looking at the one you have listed on eBay, saw the sample image you uploaded, and it led me here :) If this is shot with that lens then I may join the bidding war! Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Jen

    This baby is so adorable, I love all the facial expressions! So darn cute :D ReplyCancel

I just looked out of my window at the grey blustery rainy-ness and decided it was time for some Indian Summer again.  Thus this blog post from a recent Engagement Session on an October day that just defines INDIAN SUMMER.  When I shoot on a day like this was, I remind myself why I sometimes […]

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  • Brooklynn

    WOW!!! That’s All I can say! These have to be some of your best work! These are some AMAZING PICS! <3 The last one!!ReplyCancel